First Aid for Flip Flop Feet



This kit works miracles on dry, cracked heels! Got a sore crack? Or just want to make your feet look better? Pack the cracks with our Flip Flop Feet Lotion bar, pull up your Zen Toes toeless socks (gel pad in heel locks in the moisture from the lotion bars), and sleep with them on over night. The next morning in your shower, use our natural, gentle bristle brush to slough off dead skin on your heels. Do this two – three nights in a row and then maintain with one night per week after. Use  your Flip Flop Feet Lotion Bar any time on any skin. Its all natural ingredients are safe, gentle and nourishing for your whole body!

Included in Kit:

1 x Flip Flop Feet Lotion Bar (Total Weight 1.1 oz)

1 x Natural Bristle Wooden Nail Brush

1 pair Zen Toes toeless socks with gel heel pad inside

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in